Sunday 20 June 2010

Let's Face it

LET'S face it - here's one piece of art it's impossible to miss. A giant portrait 25 metres high and 18 metres across is set to dominate the Sheffield skyline over the next few weeks as it hangs from Park Hill flats. More than 1,000 images of 500 young people from 15 city schools have been put together to create a photographic mosaic of 11-year-old Sherrelle Parker, a pupil at Wybourn's Emmaus Primary. The Close Up project is one of the highlights of this year's Sheffield Children's Festival, which runs until July 3.

The Star - My giant portrait on Park Hill


Close up of the left eye


  1. Hi Mike - I'm a web designer working with one of the schools involved in this project (Wybourn) - would it be possible to use these images on their website please? Happy to attribute / link. Thank you

    1. Hi Ellen,
      I am happy for you to use these images for the school project as long as they are attributed to me