Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Television Appearances

City on the Move – is a film promoting 1970s Sheffield. Part of this film also appeared at the beginning of the Full Monty.

The Full Monty - is a 1997 British comedy film. 
Plot Summary: It tells the story of six unemployed men, four of them steel workers, who decide to form a male striptease act (à la Chippendale dancers) in order to gather enough money to get somewhere else and for main character Gaz to be able to see his son. Despite being a comedy, the film also touches on serious subjects such as unemployment, fathers' rights, depression, impotence, working class culture and suicide.

Link to Monty Mania Website 

Police 2020 - is a TV film (telemovie) which was released in 1997. It was intended to serve as the pilot episode of a British police drama set in the near future.
Plot Summary: The conflict centres around Eddie Longshaw (Keith Barron) who has taken a group of Russian immigrants hostage in an elevator, blaming the immigrant population for an outbreak of tuberculosis that took the lives of most of his family. Detective Chief Inspector Billy O'Connell (Liam Cunningham) is in charge of the nightshift force brought in to resolve the situation. However, he and a colleague, played by Rachel Davies, are both up for a promotion and they are being watched throughout the crisis to see who performs better, their superiors taking advantage of the situation to pit them against each other.

In an Arctic Monkeys video – The Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band from High Green, a suburb of Sheffield.

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